Packing List for Kids for All-Inclusive Resorts

Parents! Are you wondering what to pack for an all-inclusive resort with the whole family? We realize that the stress of traveling with kids can sometimes take center stage of a vacation. To help you be prepared for the journey to, during, and from the resort, we’ve compiled a packing list for kids for all-inclusive resorts so that the family vacation will be a positive experience for everyone!

Packing List for All-Inclusive Resort

In addition to this packing list for all-inclusive resorts, we’ll make sure that you don’t forget some of the essentials, no matter who you’re traveling with, to allow your vacation to be as relaxing and stress-free as possible. We know that children vary in age and preferences to what they like and don’t like, so take this list and adapt it to fit your own child’s needs. We’re assuming you’ll pack the basics like diapers, baby wipes, their toiletries and outfits. The packing list below are a few items we know you won’t want to leave home without.

Packing List Essentials for Kids

  • Clothes
    • It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if your child hasn’t reached that golden age of being potty-trained, pack an extra change of clothes in your carry-on. We recommend your children wear something comfortable while traveling, especially if the journey is longer than they’re used to. A comfortable pair of shoes that are easy to slip on and off can also be a game-changer!
  • Instant Meals
    • Is your child a picky eater, only sticking to a few of their favorites when it comes to meal time? Throw in some instant oatmeal packets, breakfast bars, Pop-tarts, or even microwavable noodles when packing for an all-inclusive resort. There may be a chance that your child doesn’t want to eat what’s being offered at the buffets, or “knock on wood” falls ill and can only stomach more bland options. In our experience, it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • Snacks
    • Pack enough of your child’s favorite snacks for the journey to and from your all-inclusive resort. Everyone has their favorite snacks, whether it’s crackers, carrot sticks, candy, or grapes. Don’t forget to pack yourself some traveling snacks, too! Remember, once you arrive, your family will be fed and taken care of during their stay, so there’s no need to over pack here.
    • If your children struggle with pressure change during flights, try packing some gummies, gum, or suckers to help alleviate pressure in the ears. Pack enough for take off and landing, but don’t worry about bringing enough for the entire flight.
  • Sanitizing Wipes
    • Before digging in to that snack bag you packed, it’s best to wipe down the kids’ hands. Avoid multiple trips to the bathroom by having hand sanitizer or wipes available in your carry-on.
      • We also recommend wiping down the pockets, armrests, windows and tray tables on your flights. Studies have shown that those are where the germs love to be, so avoid getting sick before getting to your resort with a little wipe down.
  • Sealable Plastic Bags
    • These are always an essential item to pack when traveling with kids! We recommend packing a few Zip-lock bags of different sizes. You never know when you’ll need to throw that wet swimsuit or soiled t-shirt in a bag to deal with later. Plastic bags are also useful when you can’t locate a trash can, like when you’re all playing in the sand, or for when you want to save those seashells as a unique souvenir of the family trip.
  • Permanent Marker
    • Grab a Sharpie, or two, and pack them in your carry-on or checked luggage. Many families find it useful to label items such as water bottles, toys, and even the clothing tags with their names. Resorts will have a “lost and found” area, but you’ll be a lot more likely to find your kid’s favorite lost toy if it was labeled with your last name ahead of time.
  • Bath Toys
    • Allow your child to pick their favorite toy or two from the tub. Bringing a toy from home for the bath time routine can help your child feel a sense of security and familiarity in a foreign place. These can also double as pool toys at the resort during the day.
  • Unplugged Entertainment
    • Bring books! We recommend bringing one of your child’s favorite books for each night you’ll be away, plus 2-3 new books for the vacation. Books also make great souvenirs, so this is an item you can pick out together at a souvenir shop or local bookstore. If you’re trying to pack light, load their books onto an electronic reading device or audio player.
    • Coloring materials such as coloring books, washable markers, crayons, and plain paper are great unplugged essentials to include in this packing list.
    • A deck of playing cards, or other favorite family card game, can keep your kids occupied for ridiculous amounts of time! If they tire of playing the games they already know, you can encourage them to make up their own new games!
    • Create your own games of I-Spy or other word games if you’re trying to save space in your suitcases, want your kids to spend some time unplugged, or heaven-forbid, the batteries die mid-flight!
  • Electronic Entertainment
    • Make sure your tablets, mobile phones, and other electronic devices are charged up and loaded with your kids’ favorite games, music, and TV shows. Don’t forget to charge these items once you arrive at your all-inclusive resort, for the time spent there and the flight home.
  • Headphones
    • Be sure that everyone traveling with you has their own set of headphones. Cut down on how much your children have to share, even down to the earbuds they’re using, to help prevent confrontation.
  • Medicine
    • As a parent, you want to be as prepared as possible for your children. We’ve provided this list of basic medicine essentials for whatever may arise before, during, and after the vacation.
      • Liquid pain relievers such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, etc.
      • Thermometer
      • Motion Sickness Medication
      • Constipation Medication
      • Anti-Diarrheal Medication
      • Milk of Magnesia
      • Prescription Medications

This packing list for kids for all-inclusive resorts provides some of the important items that a family typically needs when traveling. You’ll be glad you packed these items with you, and your vacation will be relaxing and enjoyable knowing you’ve brought the essentials from home! If you’re planning on leaving the kids behind for a romantic getaway or a much needed break, be sure to review the packing lists for men and women we’ve created. You’ll appreciate having all of your essentials and comforts on vacation, too!

We’d love to hear about your own packing lists and essential items that you’ve brought with you on family vacations. Leave a comment below to include anything we may have missed. Happy packing!