Men’s Packing List for All-Inclusive Resorts

Fellas! Are you wondering what to pack for an all-inclusive resort? We’ve had many experiences with packing for vacations, and have created this list of essential items specific to men. Deciding what to pack for an all-inclusive vacation shouldn’t take you hours. We’ve put in the time to come up with the ultimate packing list for you!

Packing List for All-Inclusive Resorts

In addition to this packing list for all-inclusive resorts, we’ll make sure that don’t forget some of these essentials to allow your vacation to be as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

Men’s Packing List Essentials

  • Razor
    • Electric razors can be big and bulky, taking up valuable space in your luggage. Bring a disposable razor if you plan on staying more than a few days at your resort and want to take care of any 5 o’clock shadows.
  • Swimsuits
    • We recommend packing 2-3 swimsuits. Packing more than one swimsuit allows you to wear one while the others dry, so you never have to bother with putting on cold, damp shorts on vacation. Swim shorts can even double as a pair of shorts to wear when you’re away from the pool or beach, saving you room in your luggage.
  • Hair Products
    • If you’ve been blessed with a gorgeous head of hair, you may want to pack some of your favorite hair products. These include your go-to gels, sprays, and combs. Remember that if you’re planning to carry-on your luggage, hair products need to be in 3.0 fluid oz containers.
  • Cologne
    • To avoid the rest of your luggage smelling like Calvin Klein, pack your bottle of cologne in a Zip-lock bag. We like to be on the safe side and always double bag our liquids. If your goal is to pack light, try visiting cologne and perfume stores and ask for a sample of your smell. Their sample sizes are usually the perfect amount to tide you over during your vacation.
  • Condoms – Just in case!
  • Collared Shirt
    • You’re likely going to come across a dress code for a restaurant or club at your resort. Dress to impress, and to get in, by packing at least one collared shirt. This typically includes polo shirts and button down collared shirts.
    • Feel free to pack your favorite tie. We recommend trying on the collared shirt and tie together before you leave, so that you can ensure the outfit compliments you and your style.

This packing list for all-inclusive resorts provides some of the important items that a man’s luggage typically contains. You’ll be glad you packed these items with you, and your vacation will be relaxing and enjoyable knowing you’ve brought the essentials from home! If you’re planning on traveling with a female companion, be sure to share this women’s packing list with her. She’ll appreciate having all of her essentials and comforts with her on your vacation, too.

We’d love to hear about your own packing lists and essential items that you’ve brought with you on vacations. Leave a comment below to include anything we may have missed. Happy packing!