Women’s Packing List for All-Inclusive Resorts

Ladies! Are you wondering what to pack for an all-inclusive resort? I’ve had many experiences with packing for vacations. Sometimes I’ve over packed or left behind those essential ponytail holders and extra bobby-pins. Let my past packing mistakes and lessons learned spare you, and instead, guide you to the ultimate packing list for women!

Packing List for All-Inclusive Resorts

In addition to this packing list for all-inclusive resorts, we’ll make sure you don’t forget some of these essentials to allow your vacation to be as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

Women’s Packing List Essentials

  • Hair Products
    • This includes your hair ties and ponytail holders. I always bring a few extras, because they usually snap right when you’re needing one! You may want to pack extra bobby pins, too. Elastic headbands are great for keeping hair out of your face while splashing in the pool or laying out in the sun.
    • If you’re planning on styling your hair in something other than a beach bun, you may want to consider bringing travel size hair sprays and/or anti-frizz spray to help manage your do.
  • Accessories
    • If your ears are pierced, we recommend packing at least two pairs of earrings – casual daytime studs and a dressier pair for your nights out. Choose your favorites, then pierce them through a Zip-lock baggie. I’ve found this to be the best way that my earrings don’t get lost in my luggage, and they stay untangled from the rest of my jewelry.
    • In addition to earrings, most women will pack a necklace or two. Again, I recommend packing a casual option as well as a more formal piece. I tend to pack a shorter, choker necklace to wear during the day, and a favorite pendant for the evenings. Be sure to check if your jewelry is waterproof before diving in!
    • You can’t go wrong with packing bracelets. I prefer to wear a few of my favorite bangles, as they can compliment almost any type of outfit. Many women even sport a bug-repellent bracelet as their choice of accessory, especially if they’re traveling to a tropical all-inclusive resort!
  • Makeup
    • Don’t bother bringing your whole makeup routine with you! Just pack the essentials, like an SPF foundation, minimal eye shadow, and your favorite lipstick color. Less is more when it comes to vacation makeup, so keep it light and casual!
    • Make-up remover is an essential vacation item often left behind. You may want to bring wipes instead of a bottle and cotton pads when packing. Wipes often take up less space, and are always approved for carry-ons.
  • Extra Special Toiletries
    • Even if you’re not planning to have your monthly visitor join you on your vacation, it’s best to pack a few tampons and/or pads in your toiletry bag.
    • If you’re prone to uncomfortable period cramps, remember to pack your menstrual relief pills i.e. Midol, Aleve, Tylenol, etc. I recommend packing a few Hot Hands Hand Warmers. They are a great substitute for heating pads, and are allowed on both carry-on and checked luggage.
    • Condoms – Just in case!
    • Perfume – To avoid the rest of your luggage smelling like Victoria’s Secret, pack your perfume in a Zip-lock bag. I like to be on the safe side and always double bag my liquids. If your goal is to pack light, try visiting a perfume store and ask for a sample of your smell. Sample sizes are usually the perfect amount to tide you over during your vacation.
    • Razor – You may want to touch up your bikini line, clean up your armpit areas, and shave your legs if you’re planning on staying more than a few days at your resort.
    • Medications – Birth control pills, allergy medicine, motion sickness pills, etc.
  • Bras
    • You’ll probably be traveling somewhere hot. In my experience, sports bras are the way to go! They’re super comfy, great at handling sweat, can be rinsed and washed easily, and can often double as a bikini top if you’re planning on packing light.
    • I’ve found it best to try on that strappy dress you plan to wear during your vacation with the bra(s) you’ll be packing. That way, you know what straps will and won’t show prior to dressing up and how the outfit will fit and look in the end.
  • Swimsuits
    • I’ve found it best to pack 2-3 swimsuits. No one likes the feeling of putting on a cold, damp swimsuit. Packing extras will ensure that you can wear one while the others dry. In my experience, I’ve even gotten away with wearing my dry bikini top as a bra, so I was always prepared for sunbathing and water-ready!
    • You may also want to pack a light swimsuit cover. A cute maxi dress or sun dress can double as a swimsuit cover, saving you room in your suitcase for those of you that prefer to pack light.

Everyone packs a little differently and likes to include a comfort or two from home on their vacation. So, if there’s something we haven’t listed that you feel would be essential, by all means, pack it! This woman’s packing list for all-inclusive resorts provides some of the important items that a woman’s luggage typically contains. You’ll be glad you packed these items with you, and your vacation will be relaxing and enjoyable knowing you’ve brought your feminine essentials!

If you’re planning on traveling with a male companion, be sure to point him in the right direction and share this men’s packing list with him. He’ll appreciate the extra help.

We’d love to hear about your own packing lists and essential items that you’ve brought with you on vacations. Leave a comment below to include anything we may have missed. Happy packing!