Why Book an All-Inclusive Resort?

You may not know if you’re the type of person who wants to stay at an all-inclusive resort just yet. There are many different ways to travel, and different perks in doing so. An all-inclusive resort, however, is a must for enjoying luxury and indulging in some much deserved rest and relaxation.

What are the Benefits of Booking an All-Inclusive Resort?


One benefit is that the price you see is truly the price you pay. Vacations tend to have a sneaky way of adding on additional costs and unforeseen expenses. Most all-inclusive resorts offer a range of prices, so it’s fairly easy to stay on your budget, no matter what that budget may be. Booking an all-inclusive resort gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your lodging, meals, drinks, and various activities and entertainment are already included.


For most travelers, not having to think about all of the factors that go into planning a vacation i.e. lodging, food, drinks, activities, and so on, especially when the whole family is involved, is enough reason alone to book an all-inclusive resort. The stress associated with planning a trip before ever even arriving is avoided when booking an all-inclusive resort. People tend to relax more during their vacation when they’ve paid upfront. The vacation experience tends to feel “free” after the initial fee, instead of the reverse; coming home and realizing just how much the bill added up to be.

A stressful part of planning any vacation is often factoring in the kids. By booking an all-inclusive resort, this stress can immediately lift off your shoulders. Most resorts include kid-friendly activities, such as crafts, game rooms, supervised pools, etc. The whole family can enjoy the vacation!

If you’re not planning on bringing the kids along, or you just want to enjoy the company of other adults, booking an adults only all-inclusive resort is a great option too. This means that visitors can truly unwind and not worry about taking care of, or being mindful, of children around them. Adults only all-inclusive resorts also provide great opportunities to meet people, whether it’s at one of the many daytime activities or during the nighttime entertainment! Booking an adults only vacation allows for more privacy, so you can make it as stress free, relaxing, and romantic as you desire.


Booking an all-inclusive resort opens your window of opportunity to try new things in new places. Many resorts provide quality entertainment throughout the days and nights of your stay. They commonly include hands-on activities for guests of all ages, ranging from cooking classes to guided walks around the area.

A favorite perk of booking an all-inclusive resort is the endless options to explore when it comes to food and drink. It’s very common for resorts to include local cuisine, allowing you to try many new dishes. Because the food and drink is included in the price you’ve already paid, there’s no need to worry about not liking a dish and feeling like you have to finish it just because it’s already been paid for. If you don’t like something you’ve tried, simply fill your plate with favorites and other comfort foods you’re guaranteed to find at your resort.


One more perk of booking an all-inclusive resort is that it’s safe! Your safety, and anyone else’s you’re traveling with, should always take priority. Booking an all-inclusive resort is one of the safest routes to go when traveling, especially in a foreign country. They are typically gated and supervised with the latest security features, allowing you to truly kick back and revel in the knowledge that you can safely enjoy your stay.

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Are There Disadvantages of Booking an All-Inclusive Resort?

Let’s be honest, here. Booking an all-inclusive resort isn’t for everyone. There are many different types of travelers, just as there are many different types of places to stay when traveling.

Limited Cultural Experiences

If getting out and experiencing the local atmosphere, culture, and people is what makes you look forward to the next vacation, then booking an all-inclusive resort may not be your ideal choice. Those who stay at resorts typically don’t leave and get much sightseeing in, as almost all of their vacation needs are already included within the resort itself. If you do happen to book an all-inclusive resort and you do intend to sight-see, then traveling to and from isn’t always convenient. Therefore, you may be spending more time and money, outside of the resort, for items such as transportation, food, etc.


Depending on your budget, and how flexible it can be, it may not make financial sense to book an all-inclusive resort. Perhaps you’d like to have a relaxing vacation and get away from it all, but just can’t afford to click “Book Now”. Choosing cheaper lodging, whether it be a hostel, hotel, or vacation rental, can save you money on accommodations. It may not, however, save you money once you’ve added up other necessary costs, such as on transportation, food, drink, entertainment, and safety.


One last disadvantage of booking an all-inclusive resort is that it may not be as unique, private, and/or personal for you. You’d be sharing vacation experiences with hundreds of other guests. If you’re the type of traveler who prefers to get away from it all, including other people, then booking an all-inclusive resort may not be for you.

For many travelers, the pros of booking an all-inclusive resort tend to outweigh the cons. To help you find the best results for your next vacation, visit our All-Inclusive Resort Search to get started.