Is Tipping Included at All-Inclusive Resorts?

Almost Always!

The “all” in “all-inclusive” really should mean all, including the tip. Most resorts factor tips into the total price you pay when booking your vacation. Be sure to read the rules and regulations in the fine print about tips once you’ve picked your all-inclusive resort. If you’re still unsure of how the tips are factored in, you can always call the resort directly. Our rule of thumb; if it says tips are included, leave your wallet in your room’s safe and don’t tip while you’re there.

Many resorts express that although leaving tips are not necessary, it is always appreciated by the staff. Who doesn’t love that extra perk of cash for a job well done? If you find that you’ve been treated exceptionally and feel inclined to show your appreciation, feel free to leave a tip. Just be sure that it’s given to the person it’s intended for. If they don’t accept your tip, it’s probably due to a work policy. Some resorts specifically tell their employees not to accept tips, and doing so could lead to their termination.

Many times, a tip left at check-out for a specific person who’s helped make your vacation a dream doesn’t always make it to them. If you want to ensure that your tip goes to the person who’s earned it, try giving a cash tip directly to the staff member it’s for. If you’d like to leave a tip for an outstanding meal, you can leave a cash tip at your table, just like you would at a regular restaurant. Want to leave a tip as a small gesture of how much you appreciated coming back to a clean room and freshly made bed each day? The best way to get your tip to housekeeping is to leave cash and a note explaining who it’s for in an obvious place, typically right on the bed or bedside table the day you check out.

Again, the “all” in all-inclusive should mean that it truly will cover all parts of your vacation, including tips. You can sit back and relax, knowing that the perks and pleasures of your vacation have already been paid for, including appropriate tip amounts. If you feel that you’d like to leave additional tips during your stay, you’re always more than welcome to. Just be sure to factor that into your budget when you get home to know the true cost of your vacation. If you’re not careful, tips here and there could tack on an extra $200-$250 for a week at your resort.

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